Dr. Batoul Dagher, DO

Batoul Dagher, D.O.

Dr. Batoul Dagher was born in Tyre, Lebanon. She has a deep appreciation of cultures and diversity, and traveled with her family through Sierra Leone, Lebanon, and the States. Her father is a gastroenterologist by training, but given the shortages of physicians in Sierra Leone he practiced as GP. She was influenced and inspired by the quality of care her father provided and how he approached his patients, and she is proud to follow in his footsteps in providing excellent care.

She has an interest in preventative medicine and obesity medicine.  She also loves working with and teaching residents.

Undergraduate/Graduate – Dual BS/MS Program in biochemistry and chemistry at University of Detroit. Graduated in 2006
Medical school – Arizona college of osteopathic medicine at Midwestern University, Glendale AZ. Graduated in 2013
Residency – HVSH  2013 – 2016
Chief Resident